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Global Soy - South Africa 

Human Nutrition Education

The National Soybean Research Laboratory develops creative approaches to Nutrition Education to reach audiences of all ages but especially children.  Nutrition education is a strategic investment in an improved future for individuals, communities, and nations. 

Soy and Food Processing Training 

Soybeans are an excellent source of protein and soy products are also uniquely valuable as functional food ingredients.  The National Soybean Research Laboratory (NSRL) works with international partners to provide training on the processing of whole soybeans to unlock their true nutritional and functional value.  NSRL also works closely with food processors to assist with training on the use of soy protein products in meat processing, baking, beverage and snack production.  

  • Whole Soybeans
  • Baking
  • Meat Processing
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Dry Blending

Food Safety Training 

Globally, consumers and producers are continuing to show a keen interest in learning more about their food.  NSRL recognizes the importance of providing training and education in the area of Food Safety and Food Quality to help producers continue to achieve safe production of their food products.

Recipe Development 

NSRL has significant expertise in developing soy-based recipes for cuisines around the world.  Soy works well in different types of dishes and foods globally as it absorbs flavors and spices of local cuisines well.  The NSRL team has strength in creating unique pairings of soy with local ingredients.  

Economics of Nutrition 

The National Soybean Research Laboratory works closely with partners to explore economic solutions through soy usage to meet nutritional goals.  Soy provides unique nutritional and economic benefits to consumers and food producers as a complete protein resource that is also economical.  

Acceptability Work and Sensory Evaluation 

The National Soybean Research Laboratory believes that food should taste good and be well accepted by the consumer.  NSRL works closely with international partners to best utilize soy to ensure great tasting products.  The National Soybean Research Laboratory regularly measures acceptability and sensory characteristics of soy foods among a variety of consumers.     

Anthropometric Impact Measurement 

Measuring the impact of nutritional programs and products is critical to evaluating the potential success of achieving nutritional targets and goals.  NSRL works with international partners to design, implement, and analyze anthropometric and nutritional impact studies.