The National Soybean Research Laboratory (NSRL) is engaged in research, outreach and education related to soybean production, nutrition and international development. We provide nutritional support in areas around the world that face extreme challenges of malnutrition.

NSRL educates the public on the advantages of a soy enriched diet along with promoting the health benefits of eating soy. NSRL works with numerous global partners to increase the use of soy around the world. Welcome to the National Soybean Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois. NSRL has a long history of work with applying the value of soy in animal nutrition, industrial applications and for human consumption. Animal agriculture is the largest consumer of soy protein and a growing industry around the world. Soy is an excellent protein resource and an efficient feed ingredient. Soy application in industrial products continues to grow and NSRL continues to explore ways to expand the use and knowledge for soy biodiesel. Soy proteins and oils are important ingredients in the American diets in the for both functional and nutrition reasons.  NSRL has been working with connecting the cost effective and highly nutritious soy protein to the global challenge of hunger and malnutrition. The National Soybean Research Laboratory, through partnerships with the Illinois Soybean Association, the American Soybean Association and the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health, the United States Department of Agriculture, and other partners has worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean to create soy-based solutions.